Whether you’re considering a completely new solution or planning a long term upgrade path, talk to us. We have many years of experience in the broadcast environment and understand your desire to find the most cost-effective, complete solution to your production needs. Perhaps you are aware of a piece of equipment that someone else is using or have identified features that appeal to you, but how will this tie into your existing set-up, what else will be required, what drawbacks exist and does it truly fulfil your needs?
It is this interest in successful implementation that sets DigiVision apart from our competitors and why companies with strategic vision approach us early in the decision making process.


Once primary equipment choices have been made, connectivity and layout need to be planned. Environment, workflow and budget must be considered in meeting the client’s expectations. The overall system design may be simple and obvious at times but in more complex situations, routers, converters, interfaces and custom connections may be required. We do all this for you to diagram level and beyond.


We make specialist video, audio and control cables to any length. Whether you just need a 3 meter microphone cable, a 100 meter SDI cable on a drum or a specialised multi-core solution, we will tailor make it to perfectly match your requirements. Please contact us for a quote.


Allow us to quote you on a professional installation. Our projects have included simple unpacking and interconnecting to complex television studio production environments with central machine rooms, racks, patch bays, routers etc. A professionally wired installation adds functionality and reliability to any system.

Custom Builds

Our services include building custom fly-away kits to suit your specific portable production requirements and the design and supply of custom production furniture suited to your specific needs.

Product Support

We pride ourselves in our ability to support the product we sell. Experience, diligence and attention to detail are backed up by fully-equipped factory-approved workshop facilities and access to all the necessary service information and spare parts. Manufacturer warranties are supported and labour costs are guaranteed beyond that. A supported customer is a returning one.